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Trapping Supplies


Trapping Supplies, Survival Supplies & Outdoor Gear

~We carry Duke Traps, Survival Foods, Snaring Supplies and More~

We have been offering trapping supplies, survival supplies & outdoor gear for over twelves years. We have been in the outdoor outdoor industry for over 40 years. We practice what we preach, we value the customer and we treat them like friends and family. Trapping Supplies and Survival Gear is our passion.


4 Seconds Until Impact

Skyrocketing Attacks On Humans


Survival Trapping Guide

Learn The Tricks of The Trade

We currently carry Duke Traps We have several brand traps for sale. We carry Duke Traps but have access to all of the below brand trapper supplies.


Simply contact us with your request, if we don’t carry it currently then we will order it that day and you get a 10% discount on orders over $25.00 

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Grid Down Reality Bites

October 7th, 2015 was the day the whole world changed forever. An EMP forces the people to the edge of survival while trying to stay sane in a world of chaos. From one adventure to the next where all seems lost, the strong will survive. This epic book gives you both thrilling entertainment and blueprint for survival by adding real life solutions to real life scenarios.

Grid Down Perceptions of Reality

America once a thriving and prosperous nation, now an empty decaying wasteland—everything changed in the blink of an eye. The saga continues in Grid Down Perceptions of Reality as a small band of survivors desperately struggle to survive the chaos that ensues. They must rely on primal instict to survive.

Grid Down New Reality

The final book in the Grid Down series follows the losses and triumphs of the groups. Can they survive long enough to see America rebuild? Rumors of a new life are spread across the land, whispers of a shining city on the hill where life is back to normal. Is the world coming back together? Could this be true, or is the west still too wild to tame?

Trapping is your life and we understand that. When you shop for trapping supplies you need the best deal, great customer service and you need people who can answer questions when they arise. We are here every step of the way. Our business is private owned so you get the “family Treatment” and not the treatment other companies give you. To them you are just another order but to us, you are a valued customer and trapping family. Let us help you get the supplies you need at prices you can afford.

Are you new to trapping? You can learn a lot right here with our Complete Survival Trapping Guide. Yes trapping supplies are as much survival gear as pizza is man’s best friend .. wait, isn’t that supposed to be a dog?, anyway.. we have a great article on Trapping Supplies as Survival Gear for you to check out. In this article we go over the best product we use for survival purposes,  and remember, we are just a button click away on chat if you have questions.

All Of Our Snares Are Made In America
~A Hemming Outdoors Company~

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